Headquartered in Oakbrook, Illinois, Inter Continental Real Estate and Development Corporation ("ICD") is a full service real estate and development company, which has been in operation for over 40 years.  ICD currently owns and  actively manages a diverse portfolio of commercial properties, representing approximately over 10,000,000 sq. ft. of gross leasable area, including retail shopping centers, restaurants, single and multi-story office buildings, and industrial properties.  However, ICD’s capacity is not limited solely to commercial real estate development.  Over the years, ICD has been responsible for the annexation, zoning, planning and development of several large single-family subdivisions and other mixed-use residential subdivisions throughout the world.  ICD is also responsible for overseeing and managing vast real estate land holdings, which include multiple properties comprising more than 12,000 acres for future commercial and residential land development.  The principals and real estate professionals of ICD have the necessary expertise, resources, and experience to successfully oversee and manage any type of real estate project from acquisition through planning, construction, management  and disposition.


ICD continues to grow their brokerage company, Inter Continental Asset and Brokerage Management, by both tenant and landlord representation. We represent national, regional, and local tenants with a solid track record of finding the right locations to ensure maximum success.  By having strong development skills, the principals and real estate professionals of ICD add extra value and support by bringing an ownership mentality to each transaction to ensure the right location or the right tenant is obtained.

Asset and Property Management

Inter Continental Asset and Brokerage Management, an ICD subsidiary, is a growing company offering third party asset, facilities and property management to property owners.  Currently managing over 10,000,000 sq. ft. of land, multi-tenant retail, single user retail, office, industrial and financial properties, ICD continues to have a diverse portfolio offering a broad knowledge of all property types.  ICD also manages unique entertainment complexes such as golf courses, family fun centers, hospitality and museums which provides a foundation of knowledge and the confidence to be able to manage any type of property.  We offer a customized program specific to each client’s need to ensure their asset is managed most efficiently.

Advisory and Receivership Services

ICD’s development history and management portfolio experience could assist any financial institution and lenders to help with troubled assets or REO properties. ICD has the capabilities to be an effective and efficient receiver, conservator and liquidator of any property type with experienced personnel who have a strong background in managing commercial, industrial and residential properties.

Many of the principals of ICD serve on the board of financial institutions thereby providing a unique perspective by focusing on the financial criteria of the institutions as regulated by the federal government.  This experience enables ICD to provide the best and most efficient direction to ensure that their financial institution clients maximize the value of their trouble assets. The experience and reputation of ICD enable it to react quickly and effectively to meet the needs of lenders in managing, maintaining, operating and liquidating troubled assets all with one company.

When properties become trouble assets, lenders often must react quickly to secure those assets in order to avoid deterioration in value of those assets. That frequently requires a firm which can take custody of the asset, cause it to be repaired and maintained in a cost effective manner and then managed in a competent, responsible manner designed to gain maximum income from the asset while it is being liquidated.


Tech Metra is a full service architecture and engineering firm that provides comprehensive architectural, civil engineering, and other planning and design services to clients.  Tech Metra professionals have a broad range of experience including a variety of multifamily housing, luxury single family residences, and all types of commercial buildings from retail shopping centers and restaurants, to entertainment facilities, multi-story office buildings and industrial facilities.


ICD has full service general contracting department, specializing in site excavation and grading, residential and commercial land development (including underground utility installation and road building), and all types of commercial building construction.